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Join us and play a vital part in keeping Ørsted at the forefront of the global green energy transformation.

Ørsted’s green energy transformation wouldn’t have been possible without the expertise of those working in strategy and business development. A role in this area puts you close to the heart of the action, as we continue to grow as one of the world’s leading renewable energy companies.

Whether you find a role within asset management, market development, permitting/consents, mergers and acquisitions, or as a strategy consultant, to name just a few, you’ll be helping us run and develop a global business that is at the forefront of the green energy transformation.


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Here you can see some example roles.

Asset management

The asset management team manages Ørsted’s relationship with partners who invest in our wind farms. We also act on behalf of Ørsted to make sure the wind farms meet or exceed the business cases that were expected when the decision was made to build them.

We’re exposed to a whole range of challenges and opportunities through the lifecycle of a wind farm. From resolving a tax query from a partner or approving a budget to replace a faulty gearbox to negotiating a commercial agreement for a wind turbine software upgrade, a typical day could involve collaboration with experts from all over the business.

Market development

In Market Development, we identify opportunities for the company to grow. This means forming strategic partnerships and alliances that will enable Ørsted to secure new projects in existing markets – and facilitate our entry into new ones.

The job involves a strategic and holistic approach to problem solving and comes with the reward of seeing the direct impact of our work on the ground, as we engage with diverse cultures and local communities. In the longer term, we always keep a keen eye on the opportunities presented by exciting new technological developments like renewable hydrogen and floating wind farms.
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Strategy consultant

In the strategy team, we provide recommendations to senior management on the biggest challenges Ørsted faces in relation to offshore wind, and help shape and implement initiatives to solve them.

As strategy consultants, we really make a difference in helping set the company on course – which means we’ve shaped the wider offshore wind industry since its inception. It’s a perfect role for anyone with a strong analytical background and a passion for green energy.


Our Permitting teams (known as Consents in the UK) are involved in every stage of our offshore wind projects, from development to construction to operation. We ensure that all the necessary permits or consents are obtained and complied with, and that we can learn lessons from one project to the next.

We work on some of the world’s largest and most technologically innovative offshore wind farms, so it’s a rewarding function that demands high levels of skill and commitment.

M&A transactions

In Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Transactions, we project-manage and execute transactions on a scale of hundreds of millions of euros – or GBP or USD – to maximise the value of Ørsted’s offshore wind asset divestment programme.

It’s an exciting role, leading the bidding process and maintaining relationships with investors – such as pension funds, private equity funds, and infrastructure investors – from the first bid right through to closing a transaction. And since we operate on a global scale, each transaction has to be structured according to different corporate requirements in different jurisdictions.

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